Separating the Artist from the Art


Its taken a while but I have learned to separate the art from the artist.  When it comes to artist’s work – its not about you and your perceptions of the creator but the work itself.

I used to project all my expectations on artists due to how I perceived them through their work, which ultimately they didn’t live up to because humans are fallible and not perfect (same goes for the rest of us).

I’m making this in reference to some of my favourite writers whose life choices, behaviours and personal feelings I do not agree with yet their artistry speaks to me.

For eg.  Lord Byron, a chronicled misogynist whose poems touch me, yet as a feminist his behaviour and comments towards women…not so much!

So next time you judge someone’s work because of their character – step back and separate yourself from it.  View it from a completely neutral perspective and who knows? You might like it!


One thought on “Separating the Artist from the Art

  1. I too struggle with this especially when I love a good movie or play. Then I find things out about the actors it really colors how I see them. I work hard to separate the person from the work. Literary works not as much as film/stage because I see the person while what I’ve learned they are in private bubbles up in my mind.


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