Poem: Born Again

A supportive soul

Compassionate with good ear

Enduringly helpful and friendly

Supportive for the most part

Flexible yet not breakable

Approachable to the end

© T. Altman 2017


Poem: Alternative Currency

Some say its better than love
Some say its better than money
Some say its worth much more
Than being lonely

It sells more than anything
It makes more than anything
Its valued much more
Than everything perishing

Is it kindness?
Is it trust?
Is it loyalty?
No…its simply lust.

© T. Altman 2017

Poem: A Chance To Shine

I wish
I could go back
In time
Appreciate you
Know you
Be you

Faultless lunacy
Yet upstanding
Source of radiance
Silver Goddess

Your shine has dulled
Your twinkle has gone
Your spark rays dismantled

Light captured
Eternally emblazoned
Memoriam aglow

© T. Altman 2017