Honey soaked, troubled notes

Pierced within cracking walls

Unreleased burdens, build and topple

Foraged for tranquil peace

Regarded as flotsam – inestimable instead

Paragon of the genetrix cue

Lumbered pressure allotropes does make

Verse (c) T. Altman 2017

(Image: Woman Aflame by Dali)


I Am



I Am

I am the mouthy bitch

Who barks and bites

Rejecting your conformity

Refusing to bind and blind

Rallying against miso-dogma

I am the stirring corruptor

Who scratches and claws

Pushing out ruminating tendrils

Pure and enduring confabulation

Pulling in original virtue

I am the hostile oppressor

Who marks and jabs

Antagonistic slights incurred

Aggressively bunting venom

Amazingly enduring in self-form

T. Altman 2017