Day 11, The Dirty Thirty: Tree/Connection


Holding out the branch to me

Planted her for me to see

Connection to roots of old

Bound by blood ties he told

Of knowledge, peace and victory

This beautiful bounteous tree

Dedicated to Athena the Wise

Crowned over virgin guise

Hard core and bitter flesh

Just like memories I thresh

An eternal evergreen first track

Turns time and is bruised black

Golden source of the Old World

It sings to me of tragedies unfurled

Yet supplicants my feelings at odds

As it’s a gift of nature from the Gods

© T. Altman 2017


#day11 #tree #thedirtythirty

Day 9, The Dirty Thirty: Alternative Currency


Some say its better than love
Some say its better than money
Some say its worth much more
Than being lonely

It sells more than anything
It makes more than anything
Its valued much more
Than everything perishing

Is it kindness?
Is it trust?
Is it loyalty?
No…its simply lust.

© T. Altman 2017

 #day9 #alternativecurrency #thedirtythirty

Day 8, The Dirty Thirty: Wrong Movie

I’m not even supposed to be here today…
Color blinded
Shoe polish stench
Confused and convoluted
Confined in Dante’s 9’s
“I assure you” intoned
“We are open” explained
Nothing quick about it
Purgatory peddler
Conversing rapidly
Fired with intellectual accuracy
Landing with culturally apt referencing
Death star corpse dance
Badly lit yet exposed
Stoner wisdom 37 in all
Free will is yours
I’m not supposed to be here today…
© T. Altman 2017

#day8 #wrongmovie #thedirtythirty