FWF 2018: Rewriting the Story


The Feminist Writers Festival is happening this year in Melbourne in May.

The Feminist Writers Festival takes place in Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Trust in Melbourne, Australia.   The theme this year is “Rewriting the Story” and as described on their website:

“Rewriting the Story invites you to explore feminist thinking and writing now. Discover how feminist writers in Australia are using words to make change, creating powerful personal and political narratives, and choosing stories over silence. Hear how feminist writers are tackling topics of violence against women, activism and advocacy, and how women actively mentor one another, sustain feminist voices, come together and break the silence. Learn about skilling up, inclusivity, creating communities and working towards change.”

For all sessions and workshops check follow the link below:

FWF 2018: Rewriting the Story


Poem: Diana Yasmeen Schärer

I purchased a beautiful typewriter on the weekend to assist me with my stream of consciousness poetry and this was my first attempt.

It was written for my friend Diana Yasmeen Schärer so it has that title.


What Inspires Me: Fran Lebowitz

Last week I saw Fran Lebowitz at the Athenaeum Theatre which The Wheelers Centre organised.
Fran is someone who inspired me to speak my truth when I write and not be apologetic for it.

These were three of her quotes which resonated with me that night:

 “The reason I read so much is because it’s better than life.”

“I write so slowly I could write with my own blood and I wouldn’t hurt myself.”

 “You can’t teach writing –
It’s like teaching people to be tall.”


Fran Lebowitz – 2nd of March 2018, Melbourne Australia


Exploring Classical Poetry Part 01 — The Basics

Great post on poetry writing…

Rhetoric Askew

Exploring Classical Poetry
Part 01 — The Basics

By Dusty Grein

Most of us enjoy poetry in one form or another. I am going to attempt to lay out the basics of writing classical-style poetry in English, using standard poetry terms and references. This discussion will focus on rhyming, metered poems.

Who am I? I am a novelist, yet the world of classical poetry has always fascinated me. My journey as an author, and I daresay a poet, is one that I hope never to complete. If you are interested in learning about classical poetry styles, methods, and patterns, then join me and let’s explore. I might have to hold your hand as we go since some of the terms we will use are intimidating (until you learn the simple meanings of them) and they scared me for a long time.

Please keep in mind that the natural flow of…

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