Cards and Letters


What I desperately miss in this age of digital communication is sending and receiving handwritten letters or cards to family and friends.

Its such a shame we’ve lost our art of writing to one another as not only is it a memory filled keepsake but its personal and can be seen as a work of art.

I recall my mother writing lengthy letters to friends and family overseas when I was younger.  What stuck with me was the time and effort she put into writing these letters to her loved ones.  She had the most beautiful handwriting and I fondly recall the look of joy on her face when she received one in return.

My obsession with the written word also manifests itself in the form of greeting cards. I love sending them and receiving them so I always have a big stash near my writing desk and I keep the ones I receive.

I want to be able to expand this love and write more letters like I used to when I was a kid.  Through my research, I’ve discovered there are plenty of pen-pal services available which you can use to practice your written letter skills as well as help someone.  There are various organisations online in which you can write letters of support to people around the world (from soldiers to inmates)  and you will be doing a great service to them as well as yourself.

So my love with writing peaks in another way and I look forward to engaging with others with the added bonus of polishing up my interpersonal writing skills.




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