Writing as an ambivert…

People have always assumed that I’m an extrovert due to my friendly nature. Truth be told – those who know me on a deeper level, know I’m actually an ambivert (an ambivert is a combination of a extrovert and introvert personality).  However, when I am in the writing zone I become very introverted and live in my own world.

I spend lot of time on my own – imagining my story lines and characters, jotting down random strings of words which come to me and observing the world around me whilst remaining detached.

Thing is, I have to come out of my self imposed exile and connect to people when I want to get my writing out there and communicate it to the world.

For me writing means living in two separate worlds and hopefully my ambivert personality can continue to have a foothold in each, as for me that is the perfect balance needed for my creativity.



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