Need my space…my writing space




I realised several months ago whilst having a Skype session with my mentor that I didn’t have my own space for writing.

Every writer needs to have their own physical place for working and for far too long I’ve been writing in all sorts of places without my own base.

Dont get me wrong – inspiration can hit me at any time and anywhere but I need somewhere I can come back to which is mine and only mine.

So I put it out there that I wanted an antique writing desk and it came to me.

My friend Queen B lost her mother several months ago and was selling some of her antique furniture.  I asked my friend if she had a writers desk and she did so I organised to have a look at it.  Its what I needed and wanted  and after instinctually finding the key and opening it up, I knew it was meant to be.

The thing which has stayed with me is after I purchased it, Queen B told me that her mother would be so pleased a real writer was using it.

Now I just need to give it my own touch and I wont have any more excuses for not having my own private space for getting on with the task at hand…

Pictures taken by Queen B at her mum’s place.



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