Day 8, The Dirty Thirty: Wrong Movie

I’m not even supposed to be here today…
Color blinded
Shoe polish stench
Confused and convoluted
Confined in Dante’s 9’s
“I assure you” intoned
“We are open” explained
Nothing quick about it
Purgatory peddler
Conversing rapidly
Fired with intellectual accuracy
Landing with culturally apt referencing
Death star corpse dance
Badly lit yet exposed
Stoner wisdom 37 in all
Free will is yours
I’m not supposed to be here today…
© T. Altman 2017

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Day 7, The Dirty Thirty: War explained to child


Speaking to my nephew about my father who fought in the Balkans (Albanian Forgotten War):


I once asked him:

“What was it like to shoot people in war?”

Sighing, shoulders slumped
Faraway eyes, swallows hard
Staring down at weathered hands
Sighing then inhaling sharply
“We didn’t know what we were shooting at –
Deep in those forests.
It was dark, damp and dank.
We all suffered.
I don’t know…”
He looks away…
We never spoke about it again.
© T. Altman 2017

#day7 #warexplainedtochild #thedirtythirty

Day 6, The Dirty Thirty: Refrain/Why does the giant wish she was small?


Crimson fire blazing across night sky
Driving desolate deserts on the brink
Sanatorium laced visions slipping by
Wanting, needing another burning drink

Attack of the 50 foot woman

Glowing spectacle caught me in a scream
Philanderer tied up in piece of tail
Wondering if this is a hallucinating dream
Everyone thinking my mind has set sail

Attack of the 50 foot woman

Possessor of the best finery
Cowardly consort leaves me abandoned
Seeks comfort with his Honey
The mothership with other worlder landed

Attack of the 50 foot woman

Exposed to the light of radiation
Fighting to retain myself from villainous ideals
Sedated sequestered with forgotten abrasion
I have now become the BIG reveal

Attack of the 50 foot woman

Restrained with morphine and chains
Presumptious jewels were my undoing
Finally believing my preposterous claims
Look at me now – I’m booming

Attack of the 50 foot woman

I rip, tear and break myself free
Wondering why they run and scream
They cant move fast enough from me
Destroyed you like a construction team

Attack of the 50 foot woman

I did not ask for all of this
Shutting me down with collected power
Aiming at me with your hiss
Dead like a crushed flower

© T. Altman 2017

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