Feminist Fairy Tales


At the moment I am working on a short story retelling of a classic fairy-tale, but from an ancient world mythological point of view and a woman’s perspective.

Therefore, I have been re-familiarizing myself with Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales for inspiration.

After rereading a few volumes of said fairy tales I was reminded why I became a feminist at age 4.

Those tales are full of so much sexism that it hurts my brain.

If I was one of the female fairy tale characters set in the 17th -19th century I would of ended up like this:

Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived…

An outspoken girl with no titles yet was educated and self assured regarding her own opinion.

She didn’t live happily ever after, as she was promptly executed (or excommunicated) for being a feminist.

The End

Suffice to say my re imagined fairy tale is going to come from a feminist point of view…or so I envision it that way…lets see how she fairs 😉

Synchronicity When Writing


I am currently researching and writing a fairy-tale based story.

I find it quite synchronistic and interesting to find  things I am involved with (professional writing associations and university connections) comes past my writing desk, drenched in fairytale inspiration just as its needed.

Currently working through a short course in Christian Andersen Fairy Tales, I  joined the university Fairy Tale club and have just received a fairytale call out from a local, professional writers association (for submissions in modern fairy tale retellings).

Got to love how sometimes things come together, to point out, that you are heading in the right direction.