National Poetry Month: April

So National Poetry Month is in April and started a few days ago.

This year I will be celebrating this month by writing a poem everyday as part of #thedirtythirty challenge.




A Poem: Dropping Anchor


Dropping Anchor

Shifting seas
Drifting aimlessly
Uncontrolled rudder
Moving where taken
Monsters subdued below in darkness
Quiet whilst dreaming of disobedience
Spotting the shore
Commanding the wheel
Steering towards safety
Monsters wake and cause a storm
Keep going or drop anchor

(C) T. Altman 2016




Poetry Month


I’ve been writing lots of poetry in recent months due to being inspired by people and the world around me.  Things which have been bubbling to the surface and needing to breathe, have forced its way out.

April is poetry month and I have been actively participating in the Dirty Thirty (one poem every day for 30 days in April).

Truth be told, most of my work has been filled with profanities but this one was written whilst contemplating my parents and is one I would like to share with you:

Imperishable Stars

Imperishable Stars

Never to rise nor set

Your luminous hearts fixed

Watching in abject silence

Epithets eternally emblazoned

Within and upon your earthly kin

Eternally through the promised premise

Incandescent in dogging darkness

(C) T. Altman 2016