Conjuncting planets

Surface inner wounds

Heal Heal Heal

Numbing emotions

Starving the loons

Heal Heal Heal

Retrograde complices

Cultivates clear transmutation

Heal Heal Heal

(C) T. Altman 2017

A Tribute to the Prioress


A Tribute to the Prioress

Hoodwinked mink draped, disheveled

Acid lined lips, solarium burns

Archaic Bitch diesel, mingled menthol

Yellow talons tapping antagonistic dissimilarity

Vacuous ill-disposed soul

T. Altman 2017


Being a writer…


“Your writing starts with a vision – a dream.

A belief that you need to put down what you are seeing in your mind.

It drives you and inspires you…this vision.

It makes you want to feel something as you are passionate about the process.”

(C)  T. Altman 2017

See You Next Tuesday


See You Next Tuesday 

Never-mind untruths meaning why

Actuality a passive aggressive error

Spit upon your venomous sly

Cult of the abhorrent phrenic wearer

Reaking of uneducated contempt

Willingly forgotten and buried en-mass

Bad behavior you aren’t exempt

Carnivorous bark justified lack of class

Unrepentant as coffin bearer

Bride to the death throws

Always siding with internal terror

Backhanded lamb skinned clothes

Image-less facade will fade and crack

Cackling before compassionless mask

Aberrated head placed upon the rack

Stolen lips and forged task

Guilt trips heavily taxed

Resent razor blade tongue

Heart fence wrapped and waxed

The dance is done we’re stung

The song, the verse, the key

Gemini spilled lies granted

I am free – but you will never be

Your place with me transplanted

(C) T. Georgitsis 2016

Melbourne Writers Festival 2016


The Melbourne Writers Festival is happening in Melbourne, Australia next month.

Victoria’s premier annual literary event. The Festival connects writers and stories to celebrate a world of literature, explore universal ideas, and inspire a global community of readers.


The Festival invites thought-provoking discussion at events exploring the hottest topical issues. For those who prefer to focus on life’s pleasures, there’ll be events for foodies, travelers and connoisseurs of culture. We’ll also invite adventurous readers to join like-minded lovers of literature for a range of relaxed social activities in unexpected places.

For all sessions and workshops check out their website here:

Melbourne Writers Festival



A Poem: Dropping Anchor


Dropping Anchor

Shifting seas
Drifting aimlessly
Uncontrolled rudder
Moving where taken
Monsters subdued below in darkness
Quiet whilst dreaming of disobedience
Spotting the shore
Commanding the wheel
Steering towards safety
Monsters wake and cause a storm
Keep going or drop anchor

(C) T. Altman 2016