Exploring Classical Poetry Part 01 — The Basics

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Exploring Classical Poetry
Part 01 — The Basics

By Dusty Grein

Most of us enjoy poetry in one form or another. I am going to attempt to lay out the basics of writing classical-style poetry in English, using standard poetry terms and references. This discussion will focus on rhyming, metered poems.

Who am I? I am a novelist, yet the world of classical poetry has always fascinated me. My journey as an author, and I daresay a poet, is one that I hope never to complete. If you are interested in learning about classical poetry styles, methods, and patterns, then join me and let’s explore. I might have to hold your hand as we go since some of the terms we will use are intimidating (until you learn the simple meanings of them) and they scared me for a long time.

Please keep in mind that the natural flow of…

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